An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 22

And so we come to the final installment of this compilation series. It really was fun making it and I learned a lot about the Dutch New Wave scene this year.

This last installment features a fifty/fifty contribution of new names and names already featured on early volumes. Unfortuantly I still was not able, up till now, to get a complete list of all the bands. I am still searching for bands and artists, so it could be 2018 will offer a new volume. It all depends on the albums that pop up or which I hope to find during my vynil hunt.

01. Rite De Passage - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (3:53) 
02. Bolland & Bolland - The Boat (4:28)
03. Shift - Childlike Eyes (3:28)
04. Chambre Jaune - Parallel Lines (5:37)
05. Les Yeux Interdits - Schicksal (3:16)
06. Rotjoch - Another Lonely Night (3:55)
07. Das Ding - Kinheitsmuster (3:23)
08. Yoichi Hara - Vivian Is Happy (7:41)
09. Agents Of Decay - Apartment (3:29)
10. Toni Valen - Mystery 2 Me (3:44)
11. Flank - Untitled (3:35)
12. Plan…

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 21

This installment came together after my post on the Dutch New Wave (1977-1988) facebook site, just a day after releasing Volume 20. The post contained the research of nine months, after my fellow admin on this facebook site published a list at the end of January. The reactions were overwhelming and included a list of nearly fifty new names. This installment is the result of the first search for those fifty names.

Normally I keep the story behind a Volume global, but for this Volume I want to share some more  background information. Out Of Data was the first band I discovered myself when I decided at first to end this series with Volume 20. It all started with the search for Ben Kamphuis. His bands Brezneff and Nozmas were already known and featured in this series, but Out Of Data was new to me. You can hear the influence of Jan Hammer, who had just broken through that year with his Miami Vice Theme.

The second find was the band One Two. My wife has known Tineke Schoemaker for quite s…


Contrary to what I reported earlier, at least two new volumes may appear. After placing a list of Dutch artists and bands from the 80's on the Dutch New Wave (1977-1988) Facebook site, I got so much response with new names that I can continue with at least two installments.

And to give you an idea, those are all names of artists and bands which were not featured before.

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 20

The final installment of this series, which took me a great part of this year to create. Although new names still pop up now and then and I am still searching for groups of the list, I call it a day for now.

It has been real fun to create this compilation series over the year. I wanted to go out with a real Dutch touch. The original version of this Volume was scheduled as Volume 18, and I had the idea to make it an all Dutch lyrics version, which would include the Dutch Nederpop wave of the eighties with bands like Doe Maar, Het Goede Doel, Toontje Lager, Klein Orkest, Circus Custer, the Scene, Splitsing, VOF de Kunst and Jansse Bagge Band to mention the big names. But in the end I decided not to overstock, moved the installment to the end of the series and made a fifty/fifty solution, dropping all the names mentioned before. The only known name left on this installment is Noodweer, since their first album, which featured the track "In de disco", is cataloged as New Wave.


Oblique at Paradiso Amsterdam on 7 February 1987

Oblique is since 1985 the band and trade name of Tommy Bachman and Gerard Stokkink. The band starts performing together in 1983 as the background band for the Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theater and for several years tours through Europe playing in playhouses. In 1984 Gerard Stokkink releases the album Music From Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theater.

As a result the band was signed by CBS and released their debut and only album in 1985. It was highly acclaimed and used as an example for many compilations since. It features a wide spectrum of great musicians and was listed as 'one of the best Dutch albums ever' (MusicMaker).

The album contains a cross section of music used for the theater productions of the Shusaku & Dormu Dance Theater productions, including tracks from the album of Gerard Stokkink. The track Blue Mountain (b/w Yellow Turtles) is released as a single, but receives little attention. The band keeps working for theater and dance production and in their spare time…

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 19


01. Wallagh - Watched (3:09)
02. Van Lukas - The Waltz (2:50)
03. Bell's Of Home - You Into Ice (3:56)
04. De ronde stip - Stranger (3:17)
05. Autopilot - R.E.M. #5 (why do I feel so good) (4:00)
06. Poison Ivy - Decadence (2:46)
07. Cancel - Music For Another Dimension (3:26)
08. Passionate Hartless - Laughing (3:11)
09. Sylph - Simple Song (2:58)
10. Mick Ness - Open Rooms (3:28)
11. Cilinders - Don't Send Us Away (2:57)
12. Idiotsavant - Bolero (5:26)
13. The Toilets - Boxjunction (5:50)
14. Lebeau & Goblet - At 25 Degrees (5:18)
15. Three Clouds In The Sky - A Pretty Picture (3:48)
16. Human Device - Some Day (4:26)
17. Blackout - The Young For (5:26)
18. Narrow Escape - Moonlight (4:22)
19. Red Leisure - Sick Mind #1 (5:09)
20. Het Chateau D'If - Terry & June (3:16)

The link

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 18

Just before rounding up October I present you the 18th installment of this series. To be honest I never thought I would come this far. But somehow new groups and artists come overhead each time I scum my resources on the internet. Also a visit of a second hand vynil store in The Hague last week provided me with some nice contributions and new additions in my ever growing music collection.

In the eigthies the VPRO had a program on the Sunday called Spleen, which run for a couple of years. This program turned out to be a hugh inspiration source over the past months, and through this program I discovered f.e. Raoul Röring, which is presented on this volume. Also the Diggin' Demos YouTube page profided some nice contributions again.

The tracklist for Volume 18:

01. Hi-I - Mind Your Head (4:42)
02. Lucid Dreams - Chemicals (3:45)
03. Bunker - Robots (3:25)
04. Raoul Röring - Learning To Love (4:32)
05. Drem - The Green Of Kindergarten (4:01)
06. The Scene - Two Things (3:07)
07. Plane…