An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 24

Or the compilation of the local compilations.

Local record stores were always willing to promote local bands. So over the years these collaborations resulted in a lot of these compilations from cities, counties or provinces. Good for the record store and of course good for a local band as well, because it gave the band a change to present itself.

During more than a year that this project is going on now I found a lot of these compilations, but up till now there were never so much compilations forming the base for a Volume.

Wardance, Idiotsavant, Michiel Peters and Zaza form the bands with a track from their own release to complete this volume.

01. Wardanse - After The Rain (7:45)   02. Two Supply - Make Believe (4:00) 03. zZero - I'll Find It Out (3:25) 04. The Difference - Maria (3:50) 05. Pitchband - As A Matter Of Fact (3:25) 06. Gimmick - The Voice (3:47) 07. A Complex - Men Of Sports (2:33) 08. Mad Mill - Black Hole (2:47) 09. Idiotsavant - Maskarab (7:51) 10. The …

Eighties Topalbums: Twelfth Night - Fact And Fiction

It was quiet for a while, but I picked up the thread with an album that I had been confronted with in a pleasant way. The C: Live Collective released the debut album The Age Of Insanity in early March. Behind this "collective" is multi-instrumentalist Clive Mitten, who was part of the progressive rock band Twelfth Night in the eighties. In 2016, Mitten, who had not composed any new music for more than 30 years, was triggered to come into action when an intense personal event got a huge political charge. Mitten's wife was vilified on the front page of one of the UK's most notorious tabloids.
As Mitten said, he learned that day in the mainstream media, being tried by a tabloid is more important than whether there is a glimmer of truth in the headlines on the front page of the tabloid (this was not the case). He also learned that social media is a dark place, driven by hatred, intolerance and hatred of women.
At the same time, popular totalitarianism woke up in the wes…

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Update

Just a quick and small update on An Introduction To Dutch New Wave.

All Volumes sofar released are available through this link.

BTW just to inform you over this year several new volumes will at a certain time see the light of day.

I am collecting new vinyl, which need to be ripped and judged for the upcoming volumes.

So watch this space for an update.

Eighties Topalbums: Japan - Oil On Canvas

Oil On Canvas Sons Of Pioneers Gentlemen Take Polaroids Swing Cantonese Boy Visions Of China Ghosts Voices Raised In Welcome, Hands Held In Prayer Nightporter Still Life In Mobile Homes Methods Of Dance Quiet Life The Art Of Parties Canton Temple Of Dawn
The year is 1983. At a time when the new wave and the synthsound are the order of the day, Japan is there, a group averse to the entire music scene, which occupies a separate place. Not when one looks at the genesis of the group, which in the early days mainly propagates punk or derived musical styles. And although those musical indulgences do not weigh the group in the country with the same name, the rest of the world still looks at the band with a strange look. Because whatever the group in Europe is trying to do, they seem, partly because of their androgynous image, not to get a firm ground under their feet and after the third album Quiet Life, which notes the first steps towards the later so characteristic style, Ariol…

Eighties Top Albums: The Adventures - The Sea Of Love

Drowning In The Sea Of Love Broken Land You Don't Have To Cry Anymore The Trip To Bountiful (when the rain comes down) Heaven Knows Which Way Hold Me Now The Sound Of Summer When Your Heart Was Young One Step From Heaven
The Adventures was a Northern Irish rock band founded in Belfast in 1984 by singer Terry Sharpe and guitarist Pat Gribben. They already knew each other from the punk band The Starjets. At their first concert in February 1984, the band further consists of Gribben's wife Eileen (vocals), Gerard Murphy (guitar, percussion, vocals), Tony Ayre (bass) and Paul Crowder (drums). The group manages to score a record deal with Chrysalis, moves to London, and after four singles, all of whom have reached the lower reaches of the UK Singles Chart but do not make a major breakthrough, the group debuts in 1985 with the album Theodore And Friends. It is released in a period that the band is on the world tour of Tears For Fears as support act. Although the album get…

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 23

If there is something I have learned over the years than it is "never say never". With the year just six weeks on the run, I have to admit the hunt on Dutch New Wave vinyl has intensivite. At the moment the counter is already on more than 25 purchases (7" singles included).

In January and February I bought a large portion on Discogs (Blue Murder, Boom Boom Mancini, Castilian Drum, De Steile Wand, Dreams Die First?, Hedda Gabler, I Spy, Piu Piu, Ricochet, Sens Unique, Shift, Slauerhoff, Spotlight Kids, The Clear, Top Dogs?, Trespasser W and Zsa Zsa).

Another part of these purchases I obtained during a nice weekend in Amersfoort, where my wife and I stumbled by chance on a free vinyl fair (One Two, Tent, Ad Visser).  We were attracted to the fair by a sixties compilation played just in front of the doorstep. Afterwards I was able to score the Crystal Fire album of I Spy at the local record store Velvet Sound.

Besides that I found some nice other stuff as well (Black, Min…

Eighties top albums: Rush - A Show Of Hands

Intro The Big Money Subdivisions Marathon Turn The Page Manhattan Project Mission Distant Early Warning Mystic Rhythms Witch Hunt (part iii of fear) The Rhythm Method (drum solo) Force Ten Time Stand Still Red Sector A Closer To The Heart
I became familiar with Rush in 1982 when I got a tape with a copy of the double lp "Hard Rock Live. The first album I bought from them was "Grace Under Pressure", an album that leaned heavily on the new synthesizer sound of the band and can be described as one of the darkest if not the darkest album in the history of the band. The numbers are heavily influenced by the increasing tension of the Cold War and the thread throughout the songs is "pressure" and how people act under the influence of it. Despite the dark themes, the group experiments with reggae and even returns to the classic hard rock sound. 

Although "" Grace Under Pressure" certainly belonged to my favorites, with songs like "Red Sector A", &qu…